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Gayazov Marat Salmanovich, Postgraduate student, Bashkir State University (32 Zaki Validi street, Ufa, Russia)

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Background. One of the tasks of modern field geophysics in operating horizontal wells is phase costs determination. Mechanical flowmeters are traditionally used to measure production rates in downhole geophysics, but this method has significant limitations. The aim of our work is to develop and test a method of temperature labels for estimating phase costs.
Materials and methods. On the basis of the Technopark Information Center of the Bashkir State University, a number of experiments were conducted on a thermohydrodynamic bench using distributed temperature sensors (thermocouples). The registration for 18 thermocouples was carried out using the National Instruments registration module.
Results. The possibility of estimating the linear velocity of a stratified nonisothermal flow from the motion of artificial temperature labels is experimentally shown. It is experimentally established that an increase in the measuring base leads to an increase in the accuracy of the rate estimation along the upper generatrix with a loss of information as a whole across the section due to the disintegration of a temperature label. The fact of the thermogravitational stratification of a nonisothermal flow in conditions of a horizontal pipe, which occurs when temperature labels are established, is confirmed. The error of the temperature label method was calculated when calculating the total flow rate under single-phase flow conditions.
Conclusions. Experimental studies have shown the principal possibility of using the method of temperature labels to estimate the flow rate of fluid in existing horizontal wells. For a more ac  and the use of sensors of composition and temperature is necessary. To reduce the uncertainty of the calculated production rate, it makes sense to place the temperature sensors in the section at such intervals, at which the effective cross sections of the motion will be equal.

Key words

horizontal wells, thermal labels (marks), multiphase flows, local speed phase costs, control of field development.

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